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Maker Faire NY 2011 Was Awesome

Well, it was! I met some really cool people this year and it's always great to put faces to names.

I was amazed by Andrew Diehl's "Fablicator" and the double-tall Ultimaker—these things are game changers. I can see the Fablicator directly competing with 3D System's lowest-cost pre-assembled printers and MakerBot's pre-assembled Thing-O-Matic, and it's really an amazing deal considering the Fablicator is made out of aluminum and it includes a computer with all the software pre-installed.

A lot of people have been saying that I'm getting great quality for a batch 5 MakerBot with a DC extruder. I think so, too, but I would love it if it was better. I believe the majority of my printing problems are due to my use of the DC gearmotor. With a stepper extruder, I would be able to get much finer control over the flowrate, thus fixing a lot of my perimeter adhesion and excess infill problems.

I posted the pictures I took at the Faire on my Picasa Web Albums. Bonus feature: I geotagged most of the pictures using my DIY Nikon GPS.

World Maker Faire NYC

Yes, I'm going, but I won't be presenting. I'll probably be hanging out around the MakerBot/3D-Printer Village areas.

Maker Faire RI Pictures!

Here they are:

Also, to all those curious, I will be at Maker Faire NYC, but I will not be exhibiting there. There is a chance that I'll bring my MakerBot, but it's slim.

Maker Faire RI

Just so you know, I'll be exhibiting at Maker Faire RI in Providence on Saturday, so if you're in the area, I'll be at the tabe with the DIY-intosh, the Eee PC 1000HE, and the MakerBot.

Why am I bringing my DIY-intosh? Well, because it's just so much more impressive in person. That and the fact that its 2GHz Core Duo leaves my netbook's 1.66GHz Atom in the dust when it comes to Skeinforging something.