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Any Recommendations for Prusa Mendel Parts?

Progress on the RepRap has slowed to a crawl and it's really bumming me out. Building from kits is SO much easier than sourcing the parts yourself. I've probably gotten the final cost estimate into the $600-$700 range by now.

Anyway, I need your help. I just need to print out the new X-carriage, get some M3x25mm bolts, buy some MDF for the Y-stage, and get a hot end. However, I don't really know what to get. What are the recommended dimensions for the Y-stage (LM8UU bearings)? What's the best hot-end for 3mm PLA that I can get in the U.S. for a Wades extruder?

Feel free to comment with your suggestions!

Making a Prusa Mendel

I've decided to print as many parts as I can to make a Prusa Mendel. Hopefully I can make enough parts so I can just ask some people to make the parts my CupCake can't make. Currently, every object I make has too much perimeter material—parts designed to interlock don't fit. I've tried to fix this in Skeinforge, but right now I'm adjusting my belt tension to see if that helps. My CupCake fails on large prints, so I'll need help on those.

The goal of getting my MakerBot was to get it to make a full set of working RepRap parts, but it never has. This has made me a bit sad. So, to remedy this, I'm going to calibrate my bot to the best of my ability (and maybe get some help from others in the 3D Printer Village) and print as many parts as I can. Wish me luck!


My new thermal barrier will arrive tomorrow. Then, I'll be able to start experimenting with support structures. Yay!

Selling Half-Set Reprap Mendel Parts on Sell Simply

Set of RepRap parts

This set of parts is a little over half of all the parts needed to build a RepRap Mendel. If I don't get any offers for the complete half-set, I will start offering parts individually. If you want individual parts, please contact me at cyrozap AT gmail DOT com.

Make offers on it at

SellSimply shop is up!

Go to to see the Mendel Mini parts that I posted! It's a half-set, so if you're having trouble printing some of the parts for the Mendel Mini, or want to get a head start on printing your own set, this is the set for you! If I don't get any offers for the complete half-set, I'll start offering parts individually. Email me if you're interested in individual parts.

Selling Mendel and Mendel Mini Parts Individually or as Half-Sets

I posted this on the RepRap Forum here.

If you don't want to follow the link, you can read what I wrote here:

I printed half a set of Mendel Parts, and because it's been difficult for me to finish them, I'll be selling them either individually or as a set.

The half set includes 14 build plates (I'm pretty sure) of this set of parts. Here are some pictures of the parts (click the images to see them full size):

I also have a less than half-completed set of Mendel Mini parts that is also for sale.

Please contact me at cyrozap AT gmail DOT com if you're interested, and please specify whether you're interested in a few parts or the entire half set. This is not a commitment to buy, I'm just using this to gage interest.
Happy Making!