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TVKiller: An iPhone App to Act as a TV-B-Gone

I am currently making this app as a TV-B-Gone-like device: all you do is push the button and all the TVs you're facing turn off. The concept is simple: push the button, it maxes out the volume and plays a recorded file of all the TV off-codes, the IR LEDs transmit the signal from the audio port, and all the TVs go off.

Feel free to fork the Git repository to debug it (at the time of this post it has 10 errors and 6 warnings). As I'm new to Objective-C, I need all the help I can get. The project is under the GNU GPL, currently. I'll figure out the licensing stuff later when the project actually contains the recorded codes from a TV-B-Gone; the current "codes.mp3" is just a 440 Hz square wave for testing. That will be replaced by the real "codes.mp3" when it becomes available.

If you have a TV-B-Gone, the means to record its codes as a WAV or MP3 file, and want to help with the project, I'd appreciate it if you'd record its codes and then send them my way so they can be integrated into the project (whoever does so will be credited properly).

More IM-ME info

Ok, I don't think I'm going to do anything with this, but to all those who've seen my previous posts and want to hack a GirlTech IM-ME, I give you this.

The Girly, Pink Chatpad of Awesomeness

As this is a technology modding blog, when I happened upon this little nugget of info I immediately decided to put the Girl Tech IM ME toy on my Amazon wish list. I'm totally going to try to write a Linux driver for it. I do not understand how the DMCA prevents Hunter from releasing his driver to the public, but as I am not a lawyer nor do I want to consult one, I will not release my driver (if I do end up making one).