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Notice a Speed Increase?

Well, I've finally done it—I've purchased a VPS and now I'm hosting this blog on it! I'm still using CloudFlare for caching, spam-filtering, and DDoS protection, but now I'm running the blog on a network that is about two orders of magnitude faster than my home upload speed of 180 KB/s. It is VERY nice and the transition went much smoother than I expected!

Wordpress Admin Errors

I was having EXACTLY the same errors as this guy—basically, none of the javascript elements in Wordpress were working, ex. Check All Checkboxes, multi-file uploader, text in the post editor was "invisible," etc.

How I fixed it:

  1. Delete all the files & folders in your "wp-includes" folder.
  2. Re-upload all the files & folders in the "wp-includes" folder.
  3. If any of the files failed to transfer, put them back in the transfer queue and send them again.


WordPress For iOS Version 2.7 Beta

Well, the 2.7 Beta of WordPress for iOS fixes a major problem I had with v2.6.6. How? Before, the app kept giving me grief over my self-signed SSL certificate. Today, I decided to install the beta by checking out the SVN trunk and compiling the app for my iPhone (and then self-signing that and installing it on my jailbroken device). FYI, this post was written in the now-usable WordPress for iOS app on my iPhone 4.

Expect the number of posts (and the number of posts with pictures) to increase dramatically. Hey, maybe I'll be able to surpass the number of posts MakerBlock averages monthly (if I ever upgrade my server)!

WordPress 2.0 for iPhone is here!

Ok, so I just got the WordPress 2.0 app for my iPod touch. It's awesome. I'm actually posting from it right now! I was surprised that it could work with self-hosted WP, but it's true. I'm glad. :)