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Ok, here goes:
I recieved the parts for the extruder on Monday, but didn't even touch them until Wednesday and I haven't yet attached the nichrome wire, thermistor, and ceramic tape to the heater barrel nor replaced the Idler Wheel yet due to time constraints. It's not that I don't have enough time—in fact I have plenty of time—but I don't have enough contiguous time. I need a good, constant 3-5 hours of total zen/focus while working toward the goal, otherwise, things could go horribly wrong. I need total concentration when I work.

Why do I need 3-5 hours to work?
Well, I first need to fix the hardware issues, then I need to figure out optimal skeinforge settings so this same problem doesn't happen again. Namely what I need to do is adjust the temperature settings to accomodate the lesser amount of ceramic tape I will be putting on the extruder. I'll probably keep the speed and infill density stuff the same as before I got the new skeinforge. I may want to print out a few dodecahedrons with the default settings first, then with my own, then I will compare the two and pick the better settings set.

I hope to be working on it over Thanksgiving weekend.