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My Apologies and Cellular Internet

Sorry about the downtime! That storm we just had (in the northeast US) knocked out our power for a few days, but it's back now and the server is fine.

During that time without internet at home, I went to the library to figure out how to tether my phone (use my phone's cellular modem to connect to the internet) to my computer. There, I found out how to enable the dial-up modem on my phone (Google it), which is an LG enV2. Then, I found a free dial-up provider based out of southern California called I signed up with them and, on my computer, set the number to dial as 619-364-3734 (instead of Verizon's number, #777) and entered my username and password for my account that I had just signed up for. I connected (using my computer) and I then had a wireless dial-up connection to the internet. What's great about this is that instead of using Verizon's connection and having to pay a ton of money ON TOP of my minutes usage, I just use this number and I only use up minutes. The even better part is that on nights and weekends, calls are free, and as this is just another call, my mobile internet is free on nights and weekends. The only downside? It's dial-up, which means it's extra-slow. But, it's better than nothing.

So, now I can have internet wherever in the US I bring my phone and netbook and there is cellular coverage that won't cost me an arm and a leg.

Eventually, I'll see if I can get an ASUS WL-520gU, install OpenWRT, connect my phone to it over usb, and make it a mobile WiFi Internet hotspot that I can connect to batteries and put in my backpack.

Oh! I forgot to mention that I increased the baud rate on my phone from 38400 to 115200 so that sped up the internet a bit. Google it if you want to find out how.