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Fixed HP LCD Monitor

On Sunday, I repaired an HP LCD screen. For some reason, it wasn't powering on, so I looked online for solutions to power supply troubles in LCDs. Eventually, I came across an Instructable to fix this very problem! It was for a slightly different model (the vs19e, I have the vs19d), but it helped me get the case off and, after seeing the three popped capacitors and replacing them with capacitors from an old-ish conference desk phone and a capacitor from Parallax's "What's a Microcontroller" kit (all were 10V 1000uF), I had a working monitor again. Well, that was a really free fix, and I'm glad I didn't have to buy anything from Radioshack as I usually do. I've nothing against Radioshack, I just think they're a tad over-priced for a lot of what they're selling, even though they add convenience.