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Selling a Self-Refurbished and Unlocked Blackberry (Soon)

Well, I recently unlocked a Blackberry that's a bit beat up and once I get the replacement housing for it I'll fix it up and sell it. It's a black Blackberry Curve 8320, permanently unlocked. I have no use for it as I'm on Verizon and it needs a valid SIM card inserted for it to allow apps to use data features (even on WiFi). So, if you're looking to upgrade your GSM phone, I'll probably be selling this for around $125-$150. No, I won't ship international because it's prohibitively expensive. I'll start out by selling this on SellSimply, but if I don't get any buyers, I'll sell it on Ebay.

Just to gage interest, email me if you might buy it. Feel free to email me with any questions.