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A Bunch of Updates

World Maker Faire NYC was awesome! I took a ton of video, but I still need to edit out all the boring stuff.

I've also now listed my refurbished & unlocked Blackberry on ebay ($150 + shipping), though the ebay fees are really high, so I'd prefer it if you'd buy it on SellSimply. In fact, I've dropped the price on the SellSimply one to $130 with Free USPS Priority Mail Flat-rate shipping (I only ship free to the US, though).

I'll be selling some CRT monitors soon (one of them is a 21" one with VGA, BNC, and RS232 connectors) and I'll let you all know when I'm selling them.

If you're interested in a cool-looking 23" ASUS LCD screen, let me know.

If you're wondering why I'm selling all this stuff, it's because I recently bought a late-2006 15" MacBook Pro to replace my DIY-intosh and I need the money. I really like how well Macs control my Makerbot (a lot better than my current Linux computers) and I also like how they run so much better/smoothly in general.