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Maker Faire NY 2011 Was Awesome

Well, it was! I met some really cool people this year and it's always great to put faces to names.

I was amazed by Andrew Diehl's "Fablicator" and the double-tall Ultimaker—these things are game changers. I can see the Fablicator directly competing with 3D System's lowest-cost pre-assembled printers and MakerBot's pre-assembled Thing-O-Matic, and it's really an amazing deal considering the Fablicator is made out of aluminum and it includes a computer with all the software pre-installed.

A lot of people have been saying that I'm getting great quality for a batch 5 MakerBot with a DC extruder. I think so, too, but I would love it if it was better. I believe the majority of my printing problems are due to my use of the DC gearmotor. With a stepper extruder, I would be able to get much finer control over the flowrate, thus fixing a lot of my perimeter adhesion and excess infill problems.

I posted the pictures I took at the Faire on my Picasa Web Albums. Bonus feature: I geotagged most of the pictures using my DIY Nikon GPS.