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The Peeks have arrived!

Update 5/27/21: It's been nine years since this article was posted, and a lot has changed since then. With the proliferation of inexpensive WiFi-, Bluetooth-, and even cellular-enabled microcontrollers, these devices are no longer as interesting as they used to be. However, I still have most of those 30 Peeks, and I'm a lot more skilled at bare-metal programming now than I used to be, so I intend to do something with them within the next year so they don't go to waste. I'll post any project updates in #peekdev on Libera IRC.

Update 3/29/12: Peek's OS has been open-sourced! The new dev site is here:

Well, I just received my casepack of 30 Peek devices (it was originally supposed to be 20...) and I have nothing to do with them. I'll be hanging out in #peekdev (##peek is no longer used) on Freenode IRC as cyrozap, so spread the word about the IRC channel and join in so we can collectively figure out how to make this awesome device better! Code to help get started has been posted to has some good info on how to flash the device.

Oh, and thanks to Sam Aarons for letting me know that Peeks were being given away! I still have no idea why that news hasn't reached Hack-a-Day yet...

Update 2/29/12: For those of you wondering, this is how you wire up a normal micro-USB cable to an FTDI cable for use with a Peek. Sorry for the poor photo quality; my iPhone's case has plastic covering the lens that likes to diffuse light. :|

Cable Wiring

From FTDI -> USB, the connections are: Black -> Black, Red -> Red, Orange -> Green, Yellow -> White