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Totally not a "tech project" post.

For this blog post, I'm going to analyze Apple's success because I'm totally qualified to do that. Also, if you're an Apple hater, you might not like reading this.

I noticed something interesting I regarding the differences between Apple advertisements and advertisements from other smartphone and tablet manufacturers. Let's see if you can spot the differences, too:

Apple iPhone ad:

Apple iPad ad:


Motorola Droid Razr ad:

Motorola Droid Bionic ad:

Microsoft Surface ad:

See the differences? The Motorola and Microsoft ads are strangely devoid of human beings actually using the devices and are filled with hard, distorted, electronic sounds whereas the Apple ads include people interacting with the devices Apple is trying to sell. Oh, and the Apple ads have calming music, too.

I'm not saying the Motorola and Microsoft ads are bad and the Apple ads are good. What I see here are advertisements catering to different markets. The Motorola/Microsoft ads are obviously targeting the action movie-loving 13- to 28-year-old males. The Apple ads are targeting everyone else. In fact, these ads clearly show the differences in mindsets between Windows/Android fans and Apple fans. Windows/Android fans like having really powerful hardware because it's pretty cool and they prioritize this over factors like the physical design or UI of the device. Apple fans like Apple devices because they provide a friendly and intuitive user experience. Also, Apple devices look pretty.

I don't really like Android phones because their UIs looks ugly to me (too dark and too much flashiness), and the screens (usually) don't represent colors accurately or very well. The cameras on the phones are also not color-corrected (usually, there's a blue tint to the images).

I like Apple devices because they have nice, mostly color-accurate screens and cameras, a beautiful user interface/experience, and lots of built-in services and useful functionality like iCloud, Find My Apple Device, AppleCare, etc.

I also know that when Apple integrates a new technology into their devices, they do it right. Apple knows that its customers don't care about specs so much as excellent implementations of new technologies. Apple didn't add USB 3 to the Mac until they saw it was mature and going to last. Thunderbolt can be used with 3rd party adapters for anything Apple didn't include. Blu-Ray is a stupid Sony technology. Apple had DisplayPort before most other computers. The iPhone doesn't have 4G, but that means they're still perfecting the implementation. The iPhone had a retina display before any other device. The list goes on.

I'm too tired to finish my thoughts and bring them back to the original point of the different attitudes and then back to the original original point about the advertising and stuff. Ugh. Maybe later... I think my fellow Apple fans will understand what I'm trying to say.

Therefore, based on my completely anecdotal evidence, I believe this all shows how Apple sets itself apart from other companies and how various factors contribute to its continued success.