Cyrozap's Tech Projects

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bladeRF: a USB 3.0 Software Defined Radio

I just backed this project! Why? Because for $400, I get one of the most flexible and inexpensive SDR's on the market. Not only do I get that, I also get in-depth documentation and guides on how to use it. I've been wanting a nice SDR for some time now, ever since I saw the OpenBTS demo using the Ettus Research USRP1. Unfortunately, the USRP1 is, to me, too limited to justify the price. Additionally, there is a very steep learning curve if you're a beginner like me. I'm still interested in cell phone networks, though, and with the pending release of the bladeRF, I will finally have a chance to play around with the technology.

Sprint Airave Teardown

Got my hands on a Sprint Airave (full model number SPDSC26UCS) in the hopes of being able to hack it, but the FPGA ended up being an Altera HardCopy II chip, which is basically an FPGA that is hard-coded to remove the FP (Field Programmable) functionality.

So, not wanting to waste a $40 investment, I decided to take pictures of the insides in the hopes that it will help someone figure out some hacks for it.

If you need more-detailed pictures, let me know and I'll be happy to take them for you. I hope to get some logic analyzing going at some point so I can spoof the GPS data.

Fun With Git, iPod touches, and Cellular Modules

See my iPod touch Cellular Upgrade to see what I mean. This pretty much turns any iPod touch into an unlocked GSM phone. There's also potential for making it have a cellular dial-up modem, but that is a bit beyond my coding capabilities. At least the hardware would be capable of it so someone who can get it to be used as a cellular modem can just fork my project. I <3 Git.

My Apologies and Cellular Internet

Sorry about the downtime! That storm we just had (in the northeast US) knocked out our power for a few days, but it's back now and the server is fine.

During that time without internet at home, I went to the library to figure out how to tether my phone (use my phone's cellular modem to connect to the internet) to my computer.