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Totally not a "tech project" post.

For this blog post, I'm going to analyze Apple's success because I'm totally qualified to do that. Also, if you're an Apple hater, you might not like reading this.

I noticed something interesting I regarding the differences between Apple advertisements and advertisements from other smartphone and tablet manufacturers. Let's see if you can spot the differences, too:

MakerBot Controller iOS App

I made an app that can hackishly control a MakerBot! Code is here. Clone via Git, open and compile with XCode 4.

I say "hackishly" because it only works on the X-axis right now and it only supports absolute coordinates. Eventually, I want this to become a full ReplicatorG implementation so you won't need a computer to control a MakerBot.

You need a Redpark serial cable and EITHER a provisioned iOS device and developer program membership OR a jailbroken iOS device and modified XCode. I have the latter.

If you want to help the development, feel free to fork the repository and do any dev work you want! This is a great resource to use. I really do need help with this because my coding skills are less than adequate.

WordPress For iOS Version 2.7 Beta

Well, the 2.7 Beta of WordPress for iOS fixes a major problem I had with v2.6.6. How? Before, the app kept giving me grief over my self-signed SSL certificate. Today, I decided to install the beta by checking out the SVN trunk and compiling the app for my iPhone (and then self-signing that and installing it on my jailbroken device). FYI, this post was written in the now-usable WordPress for iOS app on my iPhone 4.

Expect the number of posts (and the number of posts with pictures) to increase dramatically. Hey, maybe I'll be able to surpass the number of posts MakerBlock averages monthly (if I ever upgrade my server)!

What I've Been Doing Since Christmas

If you've noticed that I haven't been posting much recently, it's because of all the cool stuff I got for Christmas. First, I got an Apple TV (2010). This, as you may or may not already know, runs iOS 4 and is most electrically smilar to the iPad. For a $99 device, it sure packs quite a punch. It has a 1GHz Apple A4 processor, 8GB of flash storage, and 1080p hardware decoding and output, not to mention that it's running iOS 4 (yes, I already said that, but it's important). I'm still waiting for an untethered 4.2.1 AppleTV jailbreak, but once that's available, I want to see what I can do with it. Hey, since it's an iPad on the inside, maybe it can use USB keyboards... Hmm...

Among other things, of note were the ASUS Sabertooth X58 motherboard and the Corsair 6 GB 1600MHz DDR3 Triple Channel Memory Kit. The RAM is great (and fast!) and the motherboard is really easy to use to overclock. The Intel Core i7 950 I bought is great and I got it at a great price, too. Normally, it sells for over $300. Online, it usually sells under that. At Micro Center, it was listed at $229.99, but on Boxing Day in the store, it was $199.99. Of course, it was a long drive in the snow to get there, but for the price it was more than worth it.

I already posted about my heatsink problem (emphasis on "my" and "problem").

Team Fortress 2 runs quite nicely on my upgraded computer (which I'm using with a 380W "80 Plus" PSU, further proof that no one needs more than a 500W PSU unless they're using two CPUs) even with all the settings turned on max. I even have "Wait for Vertical Sync" turned on, which means I get a max of 60 fps, but because of my awesome setup, I get 60 fps consistently and there's no "tearing" of the image.

As usual, my server is slow. I still have the parts that I took out of my computer from when I upgraded it, but they won't fit in the highy-proprietary Dell case that my current server resides in. I would love to buy the Thermaltake A60 Computer Case for my i7 parts and hand down my current case to my server, but I have other purchasing priorities at the moment. If anyone wants to buy that case for me, let me know ;D

Hopefully, once I start using the new server parts, I'll be able to simultaneously run a Team Fortress 2 server and the webserver.