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Wordpress Admin Errors

I was having EXACTLY the same errors as this guy—basically, none of the javascript elements in Wordpress were working, ex. Check All Checkboxes, multi-file uploader, text in the post editor was "invisible," etc.

How I fixed it:

  1. Delete all the files & folders in your "wp-includes" folder.
  2. Re-upload all the files & folders in the "wp-includes" folder.
  3. If any of the files failed to transfer, put them back in the transfer queue and send them again.


I fixed the blog!

Yay me! I downloaded the entire database as a .sql file, opened it up in gedit, did a Find/Replace for to, restored the database with that file, and I was done! I'm sure I could have done a similar thing from the command line, but I don't know MySQL very well.

Mission accomplished! ;D

Strange happenings with the blog...

For some reason, it only works in Google Chrome—all other browsers that I've tried (Firefox, IE, Safari) don't show the theme. I've changed the theme, repaired the database, but nothing works. Maybe if I didn't change the domain and upgrade Wordpress at the same time, this would have been easier to debug...

Domain name change!

Woohoo! I successfully switched the domain name from (DynDNS) to! I got a really good deal with ($8.99/year or something like that with the first year free—that's $.25 per month), and if you click on an individual post, you'll see that below the "Submit" button for comments, I switched the ad from Amazon to's affiliate program ad.

Well, now I can have subdomains, like!

I also got the DynDNS name to redirect to the new domain name, so all the old links work.

Is there a noticeable speed difference?

I just installed the WP Super Cache plugin to prepare my site in the event that something I do actually becomes popular on Hack a Day, Digg, etc.

I was just wondering: do you see a speed difference? My server is a bit underpowered, so I was wondering if there was a noticeable speed difference when the page is loaded.

Let me know in the comments (I also want to see if commenting automatically updates the cache).


I just installed the PuSHPress plugin for It should increase the speed at which feed readers are notified of new posts from the blog. This post is pretty much testing the plugin.

WordPress 2.0 for iPhone is here!

Ok, so I just got the WordPress 2.0 app for my iPod touch. It's awesome. I'm actually posting from it right now! I was surprised that it could work with self-hosted WP, but it's true. I'm glad. :)


Ok, so I finally fixed my server. At first, uploaded content wasn't displaying and only the home page was accessible. The uploaded content wasn't displayed because it couldn't be found, and it couldn't be found because it was storing the content in a different folder that the one it was looking in for the content. Only the home page was visible because the permalinks didn't change even after I changed the setting, so I changed it back to the default. They aren't in a very user-friendly format, but they do work. Oh, and the server still can't update itself, which is annoying, but I can do that manually, so it's ok.

Technical Difficulties

Ok, so when I tried importing the posts and other content from my old blog, it didn't work out too well. None of the posts below this one can be linked to, and none of the pictures show up. All the original content, however is still on the old blog at