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Wordpress Admin Errors

I was having EXACTLY the same errors as this guy—basically, none of the javascript elements in Wordpress were working, ex. Check All Checkboxes, multi-file uploader, text in the post editor was "invisible," etc.

How I fixed it:

  1. Delete all the files & folders in your "wp-includes" folder.
  2. Re-upload all the files & folders in the "wp-includes" folder.
  3. If any of the files failed to transfer, put them back in the transfer queue and send them again.


Flickr Support is AWESOME!

It took a few months working on this on and off, but I finally severed my Flickr ID "cyrozap" from my Yahoo! account!

I can now log in with my Google account and keep my screen name (cyrozap) and my custom URL! O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

Hack a Day Classifieds really work!

Well, the DIY-intosh sold! I bet you're all rejoicing that I won't be trying to pawn off my stuff on you for a while. It's really amazing how it sold within a few days of listing it.

In other news, I fixed up a 19" 4:3 aspect ratio VGA monitor with composite, coax TV, and SCART inputs (it's some Samsung 910-something). It only needed 6 capacitors replaced, totaling $3.40 + $2 shipping (or something like that). Seeing as I bought the thing for $17, this makes it a steal. It also only has one grey pixel! This is why I work with hardware!

Sorry about the server downtime! That was ratherĀ embarrassing...


My new thermal barrier will arrive tomorrow. Then, I'll be able to start experimenting with support structures. Yay!

MakerBot Fixes and Upgrades

Well, I just bought some new parts for my Makerbot. First, because my build platform broke, I bought the MakerBot Heated Build Platform Kit. I decided that, since I was switching back to ABS, I should be using a heated platform. I also didn't want to pay for a normal build platform now and pay for a heated build platform later when I'll really want it. Second, I bought the Magnetic Rotary Encoder PCB. I got 3 samples of the chip a while ago, so I just bought this because it may come in handy in the future. Also, I wanted to practice soldering SMT parts by hand. Finally, I bought the MK5 Drive Gear Upgrade Kit because it's just so much better than the current one.

I fixed the blog!

Yay me! I downloaded the entire database as a .sql file, opened it up in gedit, did a Find/Replace for to, restored the database with that file, and I was done! I'm sure I could have done a similar thing from the command line, but I don't know MySQL very well.

Mission accomplished! ;D

Strange happenings with the blog...

For some reason, it only works in Google Chrome—all other browsers that I've tried (Firefox, IE, Safari) don't show the theme. I've changed the theme, repaired the database, but nothing works. Maybe if I didn't change the domain and upgrade Wordpress at the same time, this would have been easier to debug...

Why You Shouldn't Leave Your MakerBot Running Overnight When Using a Weak PC

A big blob of PLA on the build platform

Yup. It ran until it had run out of plastic. When I looked at the computer, the screen was flashing random patterns. Yeah, it was that bad.

Then, this happened:



But I know you'll do it anyways. ;D

Domain name change!

Woohoo! I successfully switched the domain name from (DynDNS) to! I got a really good deal with ($8.99/year or something like that with the first year free—that's $.25 per month), and if you click on an individual post, you'll see that below the "Submit" button for comments, I switched the ad from Amazon to's affiliate program ad.

Well, now I can have subdomains, like!

I also got the DynDNS name to redirect to the new domain name, so all the old links work.

My Apologies and Cellular Internet

Sorry about the downtime! That storm we just had (in the northeast US) knocked out our power for a few days, but it's back now and the server is fine.

During that time without internet at home, I went to the library to figure out how to tether my phone (use my phone's cellular modem to connect to the internet) to my computer.